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Hi Swag Family Community,
We are from Huonville Primary School. Huonville is in the south of Tasmania.
We are A2 Holmstrom. There are 23 people in our class. We are all 7 or 8 years old. Please can you visit our school and see all of us? We would like to get to know you and check out your bikes! Huonville is a friendly place and riding up Vince’s Saddle would give you lots of good hill practise.
Some of us like to ride bikes, read books, walk the dogs, run and help our dad’s in the shed!
Our class are all reading different books. Hudson likes Brainwaves books. Freya loves Harry Potter and Tashi books. Our teacher loves Harry Potter books the most!
Hope to hear back from you!
A2 Holmstrom
PS. How are you getting across Bass Strait?
PPS. How much do your bikes weigh and cost?

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Hello A2 Holmstrom. You are the first class to introduce yourself this year. You champions! We would have loved to come down to your neck of the woods for a visit but we’re on the move up the east coast of Tassie and won’t be back that way until the end of the year :worried:.
We watched the bushfires come close to communities down there recently and had our fingers and toes crossed everyone would be okay. It must have been scary to have the smoke and ash everywhere.
We weighed our bags (not the bikes or water bottles) last week and Nic has about 30kg of equipment and Andrew has about 40kg. Then you add the weight of the bikes, filled water bottles, and bodies. They are both well over 100kg when added all together.
We are probably catching the Spirit of Tasmania From Devonport to Melbourne on the 13th March. We are still not sure which way to get out of Melbourne though? Ideas welcome anyone!

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Thanks for replying. We looked at map and we thought you should head towards Canberra and the East Coast of Australia. Someone in our class (Max) has a cousin that lives in Canberra! We thought you could take the Beaconsfield Parade out of Melbourne. It goes along the beach!
From A2 Holmstrom

We were just looking at the map this morning and Canberra is on our list of places we’d like to visit! Let Max’s cousin know to keep an eye out!

We are Mr F’s Grade 5/6 class from Illawarra Primary School in Blackmans Bay, Tasmania. We have 25 kids in our class.
Some people in our class like to do circus, football, cricket, netball, soccer, drawing and gaming. We are reading a class book at the moment called ‘Once’ by Morris Gleitzman. It is a sad and difficult story but a really important one about World War II.
Hello to all classes following the swag family journey. We have loved watching your videos. We think you are all doing an amazing job. The kids are doing well and we think they are really funny. Especially the bits about eating rocks! Good luck on your journey and we look forward to following you along the way.
5/6F from Illawarra.
PS - We will book in a skype session soon.
PPS - Can you answer a couple of questions in the mean time? Hamish wants to know why you decided to bring your children on a trip that is so long? Harry wants to know what inspired you to do this? Mr F wants to know, what has been your favourite part of Tasmania so far?

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Hello 5/6F from Illawarra, great to hear from you and we look forward to chatting by Skype down the road somewhere!
Good questions… we have brought the kids along even though it is a long and difficult expedition because we think they can do it and they’ll learn a lot along the way too. So far they are enjoying it as well. We were inspired to do it based on some of our previous experience on bike expeditions (Andrew around Australia and Nic in Europe) and knowing that it’s a good way to travel if you want a physical challenge, meet new people, visit new environments and cover large distances. It really is a great way to travel if you have enough time to do it.
Andrew and Nic

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Hello Swagfamily,
We are 4/5A Kregor from Richmond Primary in Richmond, Tasmania. We have 26 people in our class and love watching your videos with our buddy class, Grade 2 Caglayan. Richmond Primary is in the southern part of Tasmania and is a fantastic school. Richmond has some very historic sights including Australia’s oldest bridge that is still in use. There is also a lolly shop in Richmond called Sweets and Treats and it has the most delicious lollies and icecream. Hope and Wilfie would love it! Your journey looks fun but tiring at the same time. We love the Wilfey parts, they make us laugh, especially the one where he said, “Who’s going back for the tripod?”

We love following you and your journey. We think that you are all pretty courageous!
Good luck and all the best from Richmond Primary. :smiley:


This is a picture of the Richmond Bridge.


Hello 4/5A Kregor from Richmond Primary.
We stopped at the very lolly shop you mention! As a special treat Hope and Wilfy each chose a lolly. Hope chose a lollipop but unfortunately dropped it when crossing the road. As we waited to retrieve it we watched as a car drove directly over it and crushed it into a thousand sweet pieces!

We enjoyed Richmond and couldn’t believe how many people were there. It was the busiest small town we’ve been to in Tasmania thanks to the tourists.

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Hi. We are 5/6 Waugh/Lohrey from Illawarra Primary School. Our next door neighbours 5/6 Barker come over each week to watch your updates and we have all really enjoyed following your journey so far and look forward to your updates each week. Our school is located in the south of Tasmania between Blackmans Bay and Tinderbox, and both classes have a lovely view of the Derwent River from our window.
Our class were really interested to know which weather conditions are most suitable to ride in and which conditions (rain, heat or wind) you find the hardest?
We were also wondering what the biggest challenge so far has been on your trip?
When you go to mainland Australia, which direction will you head, and what places are you planning on visiting?
5/6 WL (and our neighbours 5/6Ba)

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Hello 5/6 Waugh/Lohrey from Illawarra Primary (and 5/6 Barker!).
Thanks for joining the discussion board with some good questions. We probably find strong head winds the worst for riding because they take so much more energy to make progress. Hope was asking about the word resistance yesterday. Head winds a major source of resistance to us!
We’ve had a few challenges on the trip so far. Just recently we all came down with nasty colds and Nic ended up getting salmonella on top of that and then crashing the bike. That was a challenging few days.
From here in north east Tasmania we are heading to Devonport to catch the Spirit of Tasmania. Then we will go in a fairly straight line from Melbourne to Cairns I’m far North Queensland. If all is going well we will then head west across to Broome through the Gulf of Carpentaria and Kimberley. But there are some remote areas up there and we have to see if we can carry enough water to ride those sections. We may have to come up with a new plan. All part of the adventure!

Dear Swag Family,

We are two grade 3/4 classes from Taroona Primary. Our classes are next door to each other and we get together most Friday afternoons to see how your family is going. We are very lucky because our school is located near the beach in a beautiful bush setting. Every fortnight we go and spend a morning doing ‘nature play’. It is one of our favourite times because we get to climb trees, build shelters, make rope swings and build many cool things in the bush. However, we always have to be careful of the Jack-jumpers!

Our classes think that you are an amazing family. We know that you have had a tough week with lots of medical problems, so we hope that things improve for you. Thank you for sharing your journey with us – we feel very privileged to be a part of it and hope to meet you someday.

Here are some questions/comments from some of our class.

Ted: When did you decide to go on this big adventure?

Aldo: Do you feel like giving up?

Thomas: Is Wilfy as cute as he looks in the videos?

Oliver: Are you feeling ok after your bike crash?

Miles: When are your birthdays?

Ari: What types of unusual animals have you seen?

Sam: Why did you choose the type of bike you are riding?

Molly: Are you having fun?

Tess: Are Wilfy and Hope exhausted yet?

Poppy: How many snakes have you seen?

Arran: When do you plan to leave Tasmania?

Charlotte: Do you always have enough food and water to drink?

Mrs Graham-Smith: How do you keep all of you food cool?

We look forward to hearing from you,

Grade 3/4 P and G-S

(Taroona Primary School)

Hello Taroona 3/4’s,

We love the sound of your Friday activities. We have found that Hope and Wilfy find games to play in the strangest places. Like tonight we are camped in a pine plantation and there are endless things to explore!

Thanks for your questions. We’ve answered them below :point_down:

Hi Taroona Primary,

Some great questions there and we enjoyed reading Andrew’s answers. We are close to the beach too and our classes often get down to the beach. We are hoping to visit regularly again this year.

From 5/6F

Dear Swag Family

We are writing to you from Swansea Primary School on the East Coast of Tasmania. We are the Grade 1/2/3 class. We are all 6, 7, 8 and 9 years old. We are a small school of 55 students and 3 classes.
We are all reading different books at the moment. Alex is reading the Harry Potter series and we have a few other Harry Potter fans. Myra likes Captain Underpants, Chloe and Abby are reading “The Midnight Gang” and Georgia is reading “Little Lunch”.
In our class we like drawing, colouring, playing games and spending time with our friends. We all enjoy P.E. Georgia likes geography and has enjoyed tracking your journey.
Our class came up with some questions that we have after watching your videos:
Chloe: Do the children ever get bored while they are on the back of the bikes?
Georgia: On average, how many km do you travel each day?
Joshua: What kind of medicine do you need to keep with you when you are riding?
Sophie: Do your legs get sore when you are riding uphill?
Alex: How many people do you think you have met on your journey so far?
Thank you for sharing your videos and your journey with us. We have been learning a lot about different places in Australia. We have been using maps to follow along on your journey and we are looking forward to your next post.
Thank you
From the Grade 1/2/3 Class
Swansea Primary School

Hello Mrs Brown and students.
Thanks for sharing some of the books you’re reading and what you enjoy in your class on the east coast of Tassie. We have a strong family bond to Swansea and love your part of Australia. To answer your questions…

Chloe: Do the children ever get bored while they are on the back of the bikes?

Not really bored as in ‘are we there yet, I’m so bored.’ But they do love jumping off the bikes at lunchtime and the end of the day to play different games.

Georgia: On average, how many km do you travel each day?

That’s a good question and we haven’t worked it out accurately. We reckon it would be around 40-60km for days that we ride. If we include rest days then the number would be lower.

Joshua: What kind of medicine do you need to keep with you when you are riding?

In our first aid kit we have bandaids, bandages, pins for getting splinters out, tweezers, scissors, sterile swabs to clean up cuts and scrapes. But we hardly ever have to get any of it out.

Sophie: Do your legs get sore when you are riding uphill?

Yes! We are up in a very hilly part of Queensland at the moment and it’s very tiring up the hills. Most of the rode through New South Wales and southern Queensland was flat so it’s a reminder of what hills are like again.

Alex: How many people do you think you have met on your journey so far?

Ooh, hundreds of people. Each day, no matter how remote we are, we will have lots of conversations with locals and other travellers. It’s probably one of the best parts of riding like we are. Lots of people are happy to talk to us and tell us about their local area.

Hope that answers your questions for now but just let us know if you have any more. And let us know if you’d like to organise a video call so we can say hi properly!

Hi Swag Family,

This is Mighty Rock back in Tassie and I wanted to say hello. We’ve been following your reports and mapping your travels on a big Australia map. That’s when I realised that you went down the Gillies from the Tablelands, on your way to Cairns. Since my mum used to live up near there, we go up there for holidays, but I really don’t like the Gillies. It feels like a rollercoaster that never ends, even when they drive slow. I bet you have already ridden some pretty scary roads, so that one probably wasn’t too scary for you all.

I saw the Curtain Fig Tree on the report and was wondering if Hope and Wilfy went for a swim at Lake Eacham. It’s one of my favourite places when we go to visit my nan and pop.

I hope you have had a good rest in Cairns.

Hi MightyRock,

Great to hear from you and so pleased to hear that you’re part of this adventure again this year. The Gillies was an exciting descent. Today we were driven back up it to Yungaburra rather than riding it. Although we’d like to ride everywhere, sometimes it’s okay to say yes to an offer of help… especially when it takes you up a dangerous and very steep hill!
Cheers Swag Family

Hi Andrew, I looked at the maps and realised you are about to cross the Nullarbor soon. We checked the weather and saw that there will be a few hot, stinky days coming up. I was wondering how do you get water to keep cool when you have roads like that. Are there lots of places to stop or does someone bring you some food and water on a long road? Dad said that the “Nulla is a bore” so I can’t wait to see what interesting things you will find there.

Do you need to watch out for camels? Would they chase you or run away or take no notice?

Some of those roads you are riding on look impossible. I think a great invention would be a hoverbike that you could pedal above the gravel when it gets too bad.