Share your dream adventure ideas


Reply to this topic with your working ideas, or your completed ‘Create Your Own Adventure’ plan!
We have written a whole workbook and unit to help you develop your own ideas… and maybe make them a reality.

You can upload a document or photo of your adventure plan for all of us to see.
You can comment on other peoples ideas (keep it constructive and positive please).
You can tell us all how an adventure you have been on went.


Hi Swag Family,
We are making up our own adventures. Today the Koala group thought of their dream adventures…
Wilhelm: is to be the fastest running in the world and to meet a unicorn. I don’t know why I want to do these things, I just do.
Amber: is to go to Melbourne to see what it is like
Ash: to go to Greenland so I can play in the snow
Leo: to go to Sydney so I can see what it is like there. I want to go to a different place.
Ruby: to go to unicorn land so I can be friends with the unicorns
Lucas: to go to Queensland to have fun at the theme parks!

The rest of our class will be posting their ideas later in the week!


Fantastic, love that you’re all thinking of places that are new for you to explore. We will send a pack of stickers down to your class for kicking off this discussion thread!


Us again! Thanks for the stickers!
We have more dream adventures. Here they are…
Hudson: being the fastest kid in the world because then I get to go around the world racing
Henry: My dream adventure would be to travel around in a Lambo because they are so cool.
Freya: my dream adventure is to go travelling around because it would be fun.
Madison: To go the Queensland and see the theme parks because they are fun.


Sounds like some fun, exciting and challenging adventures ahead for you lot! Thanks for sharing them with us.